Take the Gun, Leave the Cannoli- Best Italian Bakeries in the Five Boroughs of New York

sweet-tooth-fairy-bakery-5Take the Gun, Leave the Cannoli- Best Italian Bakeries in the Five Boroughs of New York

New York City is a city known for many things. The five boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx, are known in particular for having some of the best Italian style bakeries that make some of the most delicious Italian baked goods.

From cannolis in the BK, to rainbow cookies in Queens, you can’t go wrong with finding some amazing Italian desserts in NYC! Here is a list of the two best Italian bakeries in all of the five boroughs of New York:


Veniero’s Pastry Shop is located on 324E 11th Street in Manhattan, New York. This Italian bakery has been a legend in the East Village since 1984. According to a Zagat Survey, Veniero’s was rated as excellent.

Price range: $$

Pasticceria Rocco is a family owned Italian Pastry and Espresso Café. Located in the historic West Village on 243 Bleeker Street in Manhattan, New York, this pastry shop is known for their world famous cannoli.

Price range: $$


Villabate Alba, located on 7001 18th Avenue in Booklyn, New York, is owned by the Alaimo Family. For generations, this family has been creating the finest Sicilian pastries in the town of Villabate in the northern region of Sicily. In 1979, the Alaimos decided to bring their fine creations over to Brooklyn, and Villabate Alba was born.

Price range: $$

Napoli Bakery is located on 616 Metropolitan Avenue in the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn, New York. This bakery is known for having some of the best Italian bread. Anyone who steps inside Napoli Bakery is sure to leave with at least one loaf of their Italian bread.

Price range: $


LuLu’s Italian-American Bakery is a unique bakery located on 185-26 Union Turnpike in Queens, New York. It blends Italian and American style recipes together to create desserts.

Price range: $$

Joe’s Sicilian Bakery is located on 21216 48th Avenue in Queens, New York. This bakery specializes in cookie, cake, bread, and other baked good recipes from Sicily. This bakery is known in the area for having one of the most delicious Lobster Tail Pastry recipes straight from the island of Sicily.

Price range: $

Staten Island:

Bella Baci is a traditional Italian bakery located on 7358 Amboy Road in Staten Island, New York. As well as having some of the best traditional pastries on the Island, this bakery also makes some unique desserts such as Nutella and peanut butter seven layer cookies.

Price range: $$

Royal Crown Bakery is a local bakery you can find on 1350 Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island, New York. Royal Crown serves breads, pastries, and coffee, and even has an adjacent restaurant that serves up some of the finest Italian food.

Price range: $$

The Bronx:

Sal & Dom’s Pastry Shop is located on 1108 Allert Avenue in The Bronx, New York. At Sal & Dom’s you will find quality, freshly baked products. This pastry shop also specializes in making amazing specialty tiered and wedding cakes.

Price range: $$

Madonia Brothers Bakery delivers its delicious Italian pastries right to your home. Located on 2348 Arthur Avenue in The Bronx, New York, Madonia Brothers allows you to order pastries online at their website and pick them up at their store or have them conveniently delivered right to you.

Price range: $


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